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Amani Place Activities


We recognize that activities are one of the keys to enrichment, happiness and adding years to life. We offer life-enhancing activities, outings and programs that are centered on what our resident enjoy participating in. When you choose Amani Place, you also get to select activities that are important to you. 

Below are some of the activities that could be offered:
  • Guest entertainers/ musicians

  • Religious Activities

  • Memory Activities

  • IPad/Tablet Activities

  • Resident & Family Meetings/ Potlucks

  • Music/Singing

  • Gardening

  • Exercise programs

  • Active or passive range of motion

  • Walking

  • Movie Nights

  • Games & Puzzles

  • Outings to parks

  • Sing-a-longs

  • Summer Picnics

  • Birthday/Holiday Celebrations

  • Dancing

  • Coffee / Tea parties on our sunny deck

  • Special family events

  • Outings to C’DA, Greenbluff & Shopping

  • Arts & Crafts: Painting/ crochet/ drawing/ etc.

  • Today in History & Current Events

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