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Our expert clinical team members include nurses, caregivers, and a registered dietitcian. All team members are here to enrich the lives of our residents and provide peace to their families.  We have licensed professional caregivers assisting in all our residents’ needs 24/7. 

Fred Amusavi

Business Manager

Fred has over 10 years in the Senior Care industry. Fred fell in love with this career when he first moved to Spokane from Kenya. He quickly became a Manager of a family friend's Adult Family Home and we are excited to have him here at Amani Place as our Business Manager and Caregiver. Fred is a Christ follower who wants to bless people while they are here on earth. 


Fred also holds a degree in Information Technology from Kenya. 

Kelsey Amusavi

Resident Care Manager

Kelsey has over 15 years of experience in the senior care setting. She started out right out of high school to help put herself through college. Kelsey received her degree in Organizational Leadership & Management and decided to put her two loves, of caring for others and her leadership to work. We are excited to have Kelsey as our Resident Care Manager at Amani Place. Kelsey is also a Christ follower and expresses God's love in her care for others. 

Aditional Caregivers

Hiring qualified, compassionate staff to be in our family home environment is a top priority. Staff at Amani Place have undergone special training and certification processes. All employees have undergone a fingerprinted background check. They hold certifications such as Certified Nursing Assistant or Home Care Certifications. They are also trained in the fundamentals of caregiving, first aid/CPR and food handlers permits. Our staff are also required to be trained in either Mental Health or Dementia. 

As you can see, providing qualified and educated staff is a high prioirty. But that's not the only high priority, character and compassion are also attributes of our staff. 


Amani Place stand for peace, and our staff reflect that peace. 

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