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We opened in 2015, 6 months ahead of schedule, to be able to admit Kelsey's grandma who was in need of care at that time. From that day forward  we wanted to be a place where residents could age in place in an environment that could meet their needs, right here.  

Over the following years we added additional locations, adding 15th Ave in 2018, adding 311 S. McDonald  in 2020, and Stillwaters was transitioned to us in 2022.

Our amazing staff and team leadership approach to care have allowed us to serve more of our senior population in Spokane. Our goal is to provide an experience for families that helps them walk through those senior years with their loved ones; every step of the way.    



Transitioning into a new home can be a stressful time. We believe that Amani Place exists to provide quality care, and a peace of mind.

  • Peace of mind for our residents, that they feel well cared for and loved.

  • Peace of mind for their families that their loved one is in good hands.


We believe that our facilities are our resident's home and that it should include a little touch of them. We individualize our care and environment at each facility to meet the needs and preferences of our residents that live there.

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